Thomas Kennedy Center Executive Director Tom Riford Joins With Sculptor Toby Mendez, and presents "Culture and Cocktails" at Washington County Historical Society

February 9, 2018

WCHS Feb 9 2018

(Hagerstown, MD Miller House/Washington County Historical Society, Feb. 9, 2018) Thomas Kennedy Center Executive Director Tom Riford joined with Toby Mendez, and presented a discussion on the planned statue and memorial plaza project, along with a historical look at the life of the famous 19th Century Maryland Legislator. (Photo credit Paulie Ward.)

Culture and Cocktails at the Miller House was an exciting night on February 9th. Tom Riford talked about the famous Maryland Legislator Thomas Kennedy, and Toby Mendez presented his sculpture. The monthly Washington County Historical Society event also featured Whiskey Sours, popular in the early 1800s.

The event was attended by about 25 people in the two main rooms of the Miller House. The title for Riford's presentation was "A Passion for Justice." He included an in-depth historical look at Kennedy's life, public efforts, and also a detailed presentation on the Thomas Kennedy Center.