Welcome To The Thomas Kennedy Center

The Thomas Kennedy Center is dedicated to celebrating Hagerstown-Washington County's state legislator Thomas Kennedy's tireless efforts of advancing religious liberty and inclusiveness in 19th Century Maryland; and teaching how his legacy applies today, regardless of differences that might exist among us in race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, color, orientation, and gender.

Initially, the Thomas Kennedy Center, as a not-for-profit/non-profit entity, will include a statue and plaza project, which will memorialize Thomas Kennedy. The location is in the East Baltimore Street green space, which is a City of Hagerstown park, across the street from the Congregation B'Nai Abraham.

The Thomas Kennedy Memorial Park will be dedicated to the ideals of religious freedom and tolerance."

The Thomas Kennedy Center in Hagerstown will be a cultural and educational attraction for visitors from throughout Maryland and beyond. As an educational focal point for students, the new Thomas Kennedy Center will be a public-private partnership, and example of civic cooperation."


We Need Your Help!

Make The Thomas Kennedy Memorial & The Thomas Kennedy Center A Reality!

Your Donation is tax deductible under the full extent of the law. The Thomas Kennedy Center is a 501c3. Make checks payable to: The Thomas Kennedy Center, c/o 53 East Baltimore Street, Hagerstown MD 21740.
Also, the Community Foundation of Washington County has a Thomas Kennedy Center Fund, if you wish to donate through the Community Foundation!