Monuments Lesson Plan


CC.4.W.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly


Biography of Thomas Kennedy:

What is a Shofar:


Work with a partner to:

Examine the photograph of the obelisk memorial to Thomas Kennedy…(and the new statue)

What do you notice, and about what do you wonder?

How does the inscription “One who loved his fellow man” fit with what you know now about him?

The statue of Thomas Kennedy depicts him holding a shofar. Investigate a shofar. What is the purpose of a shofar?

Why do you think that the artist chose to put this in Thomas Kennedy’s hand?

Design an additional tribute to Kennedy on the the new plaza.

What kind of words would you use to write an inscription for him?

Thomas Kennedy Obelisk at Grave Site - Rose Hill Cemetery in Hagerstown, MD

Thomas Kennedy Obelisk - Rose Hill Cemetery in Hagerstown, MD

Thomas Kennedy Full-Size Sculpture

Thomas kennedy Small Sculpture - Holding "Shofar" and Hat